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Flight Training Program USA – Professional Pilot Program

Professional Pilot Program

Flight Training Program USA – Professional Pilot Program



An Accredited Program for Flight Training in the US.


L3 Airline Academy was originally created by Comair Airlines specifically to create airline pilots to fly the line for them. Our Professional Pilot Program continues in that tradition by teaching in an environment that is based on meeting industry standards. Our accredited program prepares students whose goal is to work for an airline. From your first flight as a student to potentially working for us as a flight instructor, you'll be gaining experience in the type of environment you'll eventually hope to work in!


Our Professional Pilot Program takes students through the following certificates and ratings:


• Private Pilot Certificate
• Instrument Rating
• Commercial Pilot Single-Engine Certificate
• Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on Rating
• Certified Flight Instructor Certificate


Transfer Credit


Students with prior flying experience may be eligible for credit toward the hourly requirement established for each FAA pilot certificate or rating. Credit that may be assigned is governed by Federal Aviation Regulations 141.77(b). L3 Airline Academy will accept transfer credit on a case-by-case basis. Students requesting review of any flight time, ground school, or exams for the possibility of transfer must notify their admissions representative. All requests for transfer credit must be submitted for review no later than two weeks prior to the course start date; no exceptions made.


This track can be completed in 15 months.


Professional Pilot Program students must complete a minimum of 25% of the program at L3 Airline Academy.



For more information about how to become a professional pilot, call 1-800-U-CAN-FLY or contact our admissions department online.


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