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Learn to fly – USA

Train to be a pilot in Florida at our US Airline Academy


Based in Sanford, Florida our US Airline Academy offers a variety of routes to obtaining your Pilot license and launching your Pilot career. Browse our US Career Programs today and discover how to become a pilot for your future career in the skies.  

With over 100 flight instructors, more than 60 aircraft and 8 flight simulators our Florida flight school has all the facilities you need to train as a pilot and begin your career in aviation.  

Education requirements to be a pilot

To train as a pilot at L3 Airline Academy you must meet at least one of these criteria:
- Have a High School Diploma with a cumulative GPA of 2.5
- Have completed 24 college credit hours from an accredited institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
- Hold a Private Pilot’s Certificate with verification of High School Diploma or GED

How long does flight training take?
Our Professional Pilot Program and Airline Pilot Track can both be completed in 15 months and our Commercial Pilot Track can be completed in 10 months.

What pilot jobs are available when I graduate?
Whether you want to be employed by an airline, become a career pilot or work as a certified flight instructor, we have a pilot training course for you.


This accredited Professional Pilot Program is designed to prepare you to work for an airline. 77.97% of students who completed the Professional Pilot Program in 2016-2017 had a job as a pilot by the end of the year.

Students who successfully complete the Airline Pilot Track are guaranteed an interview to be potentially employed as a Certified Flight Instructor.

Commercial Pilot Track, International Pilot Track – Multi Engine and International Pilot Track – Single Engines are designed for those who wish to become career pilots.


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Upcoming career events

Are you looking to join the next generation of Captains and First Officers in airlines around the world?


Register for one of our upcoming Be A Pilot Career Expos for a day of discovery and insight into becoming a professional pilot with L3 Airline Academy.