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Learn To Fly With L3 Airline Academy – Pilot Career Programs USA

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Ready to start your career in aviation? Follow the steps below to enrol.


L3 Airline Academy offers commercial pilot training courses approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under 14 CFR Part 141, and general aviation training under 14 CFR Part 61.


As one of the top flight schools in Florida, our facilities, training professionals and student prospects represent the gold standard for anyone looking for careers in aviation.

We provide a number of different aviation career pathways, including:


• Airline Pilot Track
• Professional Pilot Program
• Commercial Pilot Track
• International Pilot Track – Multi Engine
• International Pilot Track – Single Engine


In addition, we also provide options for those looking to learn to fly, teach others or seek alternative careers in aviation.


Browse all of our pilot career training programs using the side menu, and follow the steps below once you're ready to apply. 




We want to make the application process as easy as possible for students. Below is a checklist of pilot training requirements to help you understand what you need to do in order to enroll at L3 Airline Academy. Please note: All applicants must be at least 17 year and 6 months old at the start of their program.


Step 1: Completed and signed application for admission


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Step 2: Submit a $150 USD application fee to the Academy

• Payable by: VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover or Wire Transfer. (Please contact our admissions department for wire transfer instructions).


Step 3: Education requirement – Applicant must meet 1 of the 3 following requirements:


• Received High School Diploma – evidence of a cumulative GPA of 2.5. High School transcript required
• Received GED – evidence of completed 24 college credit hours from an accredited institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. College transcript required
• Private Pilot's Certificate with verification of high school diploma or GED


Step 4: Submit a 250 word essay explaining why you'd like to enroll at L3 Airline Academy


Step 5: Complete a Wonderlic assessment and meet or exceed the minimum score requirement


Step 6: Once the application is completed and submitted, all applicants will be scheduled for an interview with L3 Airline Academy's Selection Committee. Other applicants may also be scheduled for an interview at the discretion of the Selection Committee.


Step 7: Proof of identification (see the list below for the appropriate documents)


United States Citizens: (including individuals from DC, Puerto Rico, Us Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Island, American Samoa, and Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Island):


• Valid US passport or Passport Card
• And Certificate of Birth Abroad (if applicable)
• And Certificate of Naturalization (if applicable)


• OR – Any two of the following:


• State issued Birth Certificate
• Unexpired government issued photo ID
• U.S. Military ID Card
• Native American Tribal Card


Permanent Residents:

• Valid international passport

• And Unexpired Permanent Resident Card

Step 8: High School Transcript


A course by course transcript evaluation is required for any applicant who attended high school outside of the United States. If the applicant's transcript is printed in any other language than English, please submit a copy of the original document as well as a translated copy. Ask your Admissions Officer for a list of translation and/or evaluation companies.


Step 9: Photocopy of an FAA Medical Certificate


Go to flightphysical.com for information on FAA Designated Medical Examiners in your country, or contact your admissions officer for assistance.


Step 10: Photocopy of FAA Pilot's License (if applicable)


Step 11: Copy of Foreign Pilot License accompanied with a valid FAA Letter of Authenticity