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How does our placement service work?

How does our placement service work?



If you choose our Integrated ATPL career program, upon completion of training you will pass into our Airline Placement Pool (APP). Subject to meeting the minimum standards, our airline resourcing team will offer you airline placement opportunities for which you will require further airline type training. The funding requirement for your airline type training will vary depending upon the individual Airline Partner.


You may choose to apply for one of our very popular and highly competitive Airline Partner Career Programs. These can be either Integrated ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) or MPL (Multi-Crew Pilot License) career programs. This option entails being pre-selected by both L3 Airline Academy and an Airline Partner.


From the very outset of the program, you will know which Airline Partner you are destined to fly with upon completion of your training (subject to meeting the required L3 Airline Academy and Airline Partner standards).



Including Integrated CPL/MEIR & Flight Instructor

If you chose a modular route of training, you will receive the same high-quality, professional training as trainees enrolled upon on our Integrated ATPL & Airline Partner Career Programs.


Upon completion of your CPL/MEIR training courses (either Integrated or Modular) you may apply for your license. You may then apply for your overall training performance to be reviewed by our Training Review Board (TRB).


If successful, you will be invited to attend selection for our ATP program, which involves completing our Airline Qualification Course (AQC) to airline placement standard.


If your performance during the AQC is to the required standard, you will then be eligible to enter the ATP program database for potential placement with an Airline Partner.


Visit our Career Programs section for full details on how each route can lead to Airline Pilot employment.

"The placement process was a real positive of the course for me; it could not have progressed much smoother. Having been one of the main reasons I chose to train here – along with the opportunity to spend 9 months living and flying in New Zealand – it justified this decision immensely. I couldn't have asked for much more."

Tom E. – First Officer, British Airways

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