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Wizz Air Fast Track 2

Wizz Air Fast Track Airline Pilot Career Program

Wizz Air Fast Track 2



Wizz Air Fast Track 2 is for PPL(A) holders with a minimum of 154-hours logged flight experience (must be achieved prior to the commencement of CPL/MEIR aircraft flight training) and passes in all 14 EASA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge examinations.


L3 Airline Academy with Wizz Air provides training for a flagship Airline Pilot career program leading to an exciting flying career with Wizz Air on A320 series aircraft, designed for talented aviators aspiring to be Co-Pilots, Captains and future airline managers.


The program is characterized by high-quality training leading to a 'frozen' ATPL with A320 type rating. Successful applicants will be provided with a conditional offer of employment by Wizz Air before beginning training.


'Fast Track' program options have been designed for holders of a Private Pilot License (PPL) with logged aircraft flight experience.


Fast Track 2 is designed for PPL(A) holders with a minimum of 154-hours logged flight experience (must be achieved prior to the commencement of CPL/MEIR aircraft flight training) and passes in all 14 EASA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Examinations.


This is a truly unique Airline Pilot career program which will enable you to take to the skies and embark upon an unrivaled Airline Pilot career path with Wizz Air.

Entry Criteria

To apply for this program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Aged between 18 and 55

  • Have a valid passport with an unrestricted current right to live and work in the EU with an ability to travel unrestricted worldwide**

  • Be fluent in English (verbal and written)***

  • Ability to produce a Criminal Record Check (CRC) Basic Disclosure Certificate (or local equivalent) and pass Wizz Air referencing checks

  • Ability to obtain and maintain an EASA Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate prior to enrollment and pass the Wizz Air Health Services medical examination (prior to employment)

  • Current PPL(A) holders are eligible to apply

  • 157 hours Total Flight experience (minimum), including 100 hours pilot in Command

  • Minimum height 1.54m , maximum height 1.93m*


* Applicants who fall outside of this range may still apply for the programme but will be required to undergo an ergonomic assessment in an aircraft and A320 simulator prior to being accepted onto the program.

** Please be aware that a work/study visa does not satisfy this requirement, applicants are required to be a citizen of a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) or hold a passport from one of the countries belonging to the EEA.

*** Any non-native English speakers will need to undertake an assessment at a CAA approved ELP Testing Organisation (see CAA Standards Document No. 31) for a formal assessment of their English language Proficiency level.

You must have achieved the following academic achievements (or equivalent)

A High School Degree (normally achieved at age 18) with a good standard in Mathematics, Science and English language – or equivalent, supported by certificate evidence

5 GCSEs at grade C or above - including mathematics, science and English language and 3 GCE A levels at grade C or above – or equivalent, supported by certificate evidence.

In addition you will need to have attained prior to commencement of training:

  • 50hrs Dual and 100 PIC(Solo) hrs
  • Meet EASA PPL qualifying cross country requirements(300NM with 2 intermediate airfield stops)
  • 14 EASA ATPL theory passes with no more than 3 resits

Key Features

  • Fast-Track Airline Pilot career program from L3 Airline Academy with Wizz Air

  • Conditional offer of employment from Wizz Air before training begins

  • Employment as a Co-Pilot (on a training salary) with Wizz Air at the start of A320 type rating training

  • Provision of Training Sponsorship which provides you with our unique Performance Protection

  • Training at purpose-built training centers around the globe on the latest-generation aircraft and simulators

Successful graduation from this route will provide you with:

  • Wizz Air employment as a First Officer

  • Airbus A320 type rating

  • Commercial Pilots License with Instrument Rating (CPL/IR/MEP)

  • Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) completion certificate

  • Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)

Finance and Funding

The total funding required for the Wizz Air Fast Track Option 2 (without ATPL TK passes) is €79,800 (Paid in 5 instalments over 5 months)

"I am very excited to have been able to take part in this pioneering Airline Pilot career program, I cannot wait to launch a life long-career, flying the line with Wizz Air "

Bence K. - First Officer, Wizz Air