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BSc (Hons) Professional Aviation Pilot Practice

BSc (Hons) Professional Aviation Pilot Practice

In addition to the funding required for your chosen Career Program, the total funding required for the BSc (Hons) Degree is £27,750, payable directly to Middlesex University.


Over the three-year period £14,930 will be refunded to the trainee by L3 Commercial Training Solutions (to offset the flight training funding requirements).



Security Bond £69,000
Foundation Fee £27,800
Tuition Fees £27,750


Inital Total £124,550

Refunded to trainee - £14,930

Total £109,620


Selecting to integrate this degree into your training may unlock potential access to financial support from Student Finance England to cover the cost of the course and maintenance loans. This may be used to fund part of your Career Program or living costs during training.