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Airline Placement

Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License

Integrated ATPL

We secure jobs for 98% of our graduates

This is a figure that we're incredibly proud of – in fact it's an unrivaled industry record.


From the instant you begin training our entire focus is on your career outcome – your first job as a Co-Pilot with a world-class airline.


Uniforms, report times, standard operating procedures – these are all key elements of our airline pilot training designed to prepare you for the incredible career that lies ahead.

Airline Placement Pool

Upon completion of your Integrated ATPL training you will graduate into our Airline Placement Pool (APP). Subject to meeting the minimum standards, our graduate placement team will offer you airline placement opportunities for which you will require further airline type training. The funding requirement for your airline type training will vary depending upon the individual Airline.

Whom can I get a job with?

From day one, we have committed to develop strong and long-lasting relationships with world-class airlines around the globe. We pride ourselves on the time we afford to understanding their resourcing and training requirements so we may enable and further your airline pilot career.


Many of our Airline Programs have application criteria based on your training record – consider this motivation to perform consistently to the best of your abilities throughout training to ensure you are eligible for as many career opportunites as possible.


Impressed by our commitment to excellence and the quality of our selection, training and graduates, the number of Airlines recruiting graduates from L3 Airline Academy is rapidly expanding.

"Honestly, training here was the key to finding me an airline placement. Their airline relationships really break down the barriers to entry faced by many newly qualified pilots."

Dan B. - First Officer, British Airways