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IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program

IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program

ASF 101 Private Pilot Single Flight Lab in Florida, USA


• Approximately 23 weeks

Ground school (FAA GS. Indian DGCA will be conducted outside of Sanford) this course consists of flight instruction given by an appropriately rated instructor as well as solo practice. Flight instruction is received in the following subjects: pre-flight operations, weight and balance determination, line inspection, aircraft start-up and run-ups, airplane servicing, airport and traffic pattern operations at controlled and uncontrolled airports, radio communications, and collision avoidance precautions flight maneuvering by reference to ground objects flight at slow airspeeds with realistic distractions, recognition of and recovery from stalls entered from straight flight and from turns, and how to execute proper take offs and landings. Additionally, the course will cover how to properly control and maneuver an airplane solely by reference to instruments, including emergency descents and climbs using radio aids or radar directives; and the skill of cross-country flying using pilotage, dead reckoning, and radio aids.



ASF 121 Instrument Airplane Flight Lab in Florida, USA

• Approximately 50-60 hours

This course covers the control and accurate maneuvering of an airplane solely by reference to flight instruments, IFR navigation by the use of VOR and GPS systems (including time, speed and distance computations), and compliance with air traffic control instructions and procedures. The course will also cover flying instrument approaches to published minimums using the VOR, GPS, LOC, and ILS systems and cross-country flying in simulated or actual IFR conditions, on Federal airways or as routed by ATC, are covered in detail.


ASF 221 Commercial Pilot Multi Flight Lab .55e

This course consists of flight instruction given by an appropriately rated instructor. Flight instruction is received in an airplane with retractable gear, flaps, a controllable propeller, and powered by multiple engines. Night flying, including a cross-country night flight with a landing at a point more than 100 miles from the point of departure, is accomplished. Each student learns normal and maximum performance takeoffs, and landings using precision approaches and prescribed airplane performance speeds, including operation at maximum authorized takeoff weights. The course also covers emergency procedures appropriate to VFR and IFR flight and to the operation of complex airplane systems.    


ASF 290 Commercial Pilot Hours Building in Florida, USA

• Approximately 8 weeks


This course is designed to provide an airline pilot applicant with the required flight hours experience necessary to be eligible for an airline pilot position.



USA FAA to Indian DGCA license conversion training in India


• Approximately 8 weeks- 12 weeks

• Flight training 50 hours (aircraft and simulator)
• Ground school + DGCA exams

Note: On successful completion of the USA FAA training, you will return to India to complete your USA FAA conversion (to Indian DGCA) at a DGCA approved training facility. Successful completion of this phase will lead to the issue of an Indian DGCA MECPL/IR.


Multi pilot training - MCC, Jet handling, A320 Type Rating Training in Bangkok


• Approximately 8 weeks




• 5 days GS  
• 8 FBS sessions


A320 Type Rating 

• 12 days GS including Technical and performance
• 10 APT/MFTD  
• 13 FFS sessions (8 FFS + 1 LOFT + 1 Day ST + 1 Night ST + 1 LVTO training + 1 LVTO check)



Employment with IndiGo, based in India

A simulator evaluation check before Induction will be scheduled by IndiGo and will be supervised by an IndiGo Pilot Trainer.

At the time of induction with IndiGo you will be required to pass a drug test. Post induction as an A320 Junior First Officer with IndiGo you will carry out ground school training, supernumerary flights followed by Supervised Line Flying (SLF) and safety emergency procedure's training. Once you have completed the above, you will be released to Line (RTL).