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Finance & Funding

IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program

IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program

The funding required for the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program comprises:

• Online test with is £39 and assessment fee £265
• USA FAA License training– USD86,000 inclusive of taxes
• Indian DGCA License conversion – USD10,000 inclusive of taxes (approximately INR 6,50,000 depending upon exchange rate)
• A320 Type Rating Training in Bangkok

What's included?

• All L3 Airline Academy training, equipment, uniform and airfield fees
• Accommodation for the duration of training with L3 Airline Academy
• Regulatory exam and skills test fees* - Initial USA FAA and Indian DGCA conversion CPL/MEIR License issue fee


*fees only cover first attempt. If you need to retake you will have to pay for any further attempts

Other factors

When budgeting for your training, please consider the following additional costs:


• Food and living expenses
• Indian DGCA and USA FAA medical (initial issue and renewal)
• Visa: $360 ($200 for I20 and $160 for I901; students will pay online to SEVIS directly) FAA Medical $150*
• Travel and medical insurance* Medical insurance $90 per month (this is mandatory for all foreign student) AD&D insurance $105 per month (optional)
• Insurances to protect life, finance, personal property and training expenses
• Financing of additional training 
• TSA $390
• Finger Print $100
• Airport badge $50 per year
• Course Fee doesn’t include airfare and over flights