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Diploma in Aviation Flight Instructor Program

New Zealand Diploma in Aviation Flight Instructor Program

To support the profession of flight instruction in New Zealand, L3 Airline Academy is offering a unique and innovative sponsorship that provides (subject to terms & conditions):


  1. Employment as a flight instructor with L3 Airline Academy in New Zealand upon satisfactory completion of training and subject to job availability
  2. Simple finance solution through New Zealand Government Student Loan Scheme to achieve a well-regarded New Zealand diploma in aviation as well as professional pilot qualifications


The New Zealand government has introduced Fees Free for tertiary education as an investment to its people.

Find out if your eligible for Fees Free https://www.feesfree.govt.nz/


Selection activities for this program are held in Hamilton, New Zealand. 


The funding required for the completion of the NZ Diploma in Aviation with L3 Airline Academy is NZ$138,250 (including GST). This comprises:


• NZ$75,250 – Student Loan funding
• NZ$23,000 – Personal funding (payable in four instalments over 12 months)
• NZ$40,000 – Sponsorship funding from L3 Airline Academy NZ


Additional fees
NZ$280 + GST per week – Accommodation excluding food and transport
NZ$295 - Selection fee


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