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EASA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge

EASA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge

EASA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge

We offer an extensive range of EASA modular professional pilot training courses including ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training. Our unique training philosophy aims not only to achieve excellent exam results, but also to build a solid foundation of knowledge that will enable you to progress to basic, intermediate and advanced flight training – and beyond to an airline pilot career.

Distance Learning

We provide the option to complete ATPL courses through distance learning to offer you maximum flexibility to study at your own pace with all the support you need.


Our 3-module system consists of balanced subjects within each module to help you manage the workload whilst building and applying your knowledge.


You will receive our comprehensive study guide, both printed and electronic, to lead you step-by-step through the course, which includes structured revision in our unique workbooks, online progress tests and classroom-based tuition. Once you have successfully completed a module you will be able to take the corresponding CAA exams before moving on to the next group of subjects. Our team of highly experienced professionals will be on hand to advise you about sitting for the EASA exams.


Our trainees receive a thorough pilot education throughout the course, which includes a professional development program with experts from across the industry to enhance your understanding and develop the professional skills required for a successful career in commercial aviation.

Finance & Funding

The funding required for full-time ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training, including first attempt at ATPL examinations, is £7,050. We are able to offer this course with accommodation on a self-catered basis for £11,050


Other factors


When budgeting for your training, please consider the following additional costs:


  • UKCAA/EASA retest fees (if required)
  • UK accommodation
  • Food & living expenses
  • Transport to our Crew Training Centers


The funding required for ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training (distance learning) excluding first attempt at ATPL examinations is £3,550


Minimum Requirements


  • Hold a PPL
  • Must be age 18 or over
  • EASA Class 1 Medical


For further advice or to obtain the course enrollment form please contact our Airline Pilot Careers Advice team on pilotcareers.cts@L3T.com or call +44 (0) 2380 742 400.