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From TV to the Sky – Paulo Castro Cunha

Date: 10 July 2018

My name is Paulo Castro Cunha, I'm 42 years old. I was 32 when I started the ATPL Course in Cascais.

Upon completing my training, I became a flight instructor at the school and later on I got my first job flying private jets all around the world. And now I'm undergoing line training with a flag carrier!



Before I made the leap into aviation, I used to work in the media/press. Just before my ATPL started, I was the Director of a small newspaper and I was a sports commentator for Fuel TV and Sport TV.



I had always wanted to be a pilot, it was my life-long dream but for personal reasons, I was unable to do so and I always felt incomplete, despite having a successful career in the Media Industry. I will never regret when I finally made the decision to change careers and pursue my childhood dream.


My advice to those who are considering making a career change is: You can be truly happy when you work in something you love.


- Paulo