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Experience as a Flight Instructor – Catharina Sabelis

Date: 11 April 2018

My name is Catharina and I am a Flight Instructor at the L3 European Airline Academy. I chose to pursue this career because I love working in the air. My goal is to become a Commercial Airline Pilot, but becoming a Flight Instructor has provided me an amazing intermediate and valuable experience. It has helped me to continue to develop the skills needed to be a professional pilot to the greatest extent I can.

Throughout the years of being a Flight Instructor I have developed a passion for teaching. This dedication is inspired by helping and witnessing student pilots become professional pilots – and so, I have continued to develop myself as a Flight Instructor so in turn I can pass on the best knowledge and training I can to these cadets.

I have seen the schemes currently in place to encourage more women into the industry in action, and I say: let’s continue the good work! There is a gender imbalance in the aviation industry and this will not be fixed overnight. However, if more and more companies play their part, the easier it will be to encourage a greater percentage of women into the cockpit!



I’d say that if you’re unsure about pursuing a career as an airline pilot because you are a women, don’t be unsure! You have to believe in yourself, believe in the fact that men and women have the same capabilities that will make us both successful in this career. I have taught female student pilots, and I can tell you that they are always very professional, well-prepared and have good handling of the aircraft. My advice to all is to: choose a career that inspires you – do not let a percentage scare you away, only you know what career will satisfy you.