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Alora's Story – Women of Aviation Week

Date: 6 March 2018

My name is Alora Pond and I am now a Training Group Manager at L3 Florida Airline Academy.

I have always loved aviation. Where I grew up in Hillsboro, Ohio I was a part of the Young Eagles program at our local airport. I also really enjoyed travelling with my family as I was growing up and in my senior year of High School I visited the Academy in Sanford – I knew instantly that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to become a pilot.


I chose to enroll in the Florida Academy because of the professionalism of the school and the FAA 141 structure. The Academy has a good history, they had been training Airline pilots here since 1989 and so I knew this was the place to be. I enrolled and took the first step of my aviation career. I can still remember my first solo flight, it was so exciting – I experience a full range of different emotions! Once I had finished training, I graduated from the Academy in 2009 and went on to become one of their Flight Instructors.


I have now been working at the Academy for eight years, I have enjoyed every aspect of my training as a student and a flight instructor but I still couldn’t tell you my favorite plane! I am delighted by the people I get to work with and seeing all the new faces I meet each and every day. I also really love my current role – I enjoy teaching people how to fly, helping students and instructors throughout the early stages of their flight careers, and I still love flying myself! This career has meant I have been lucky enough to see student pilots grow into commercial pilots, I also am able to travel for recruiting purposes but I still get to go home each night to be with my family in Florida.


Now is a great time to get into the aviation industry – there’s some great hiring opportunities with the airlines, and they all offer competitive benefits and salaries. My advice for any new cadets and aspiring pilots would be:

• To study hard and give 110%
• Be patient. Flying isn’t always easy and there will be cancellations for issues that naturally occur
• Don’t be afraid to ask for help - we all want the same thing, to succeed!

See you in the skies!