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New Beginnings – Charlie Barclay

Date: 24 November 2017

Pilot training is no mean feat. An entire set of new concepts to grasp whilst moving away to a new environment and on top of all that, forming new relationships with those I'm going to be spending a vast amount of time with throughout the duration of my training. For me, it was a big change!

Before I began training, the only prolonged time I'd been away from home (and out of contact!) was the summer of 2014 which I spent in Ecuador. Thinking back, I told myself that relocating to Southampton in order to attend Ground School was going to be undoubtedly easier than spending four weeks in the Amazon Rainforest, and that it was! Having never been to University, nor spent an extended period of time away from home, my parents were quite reluctant to see me leave home and move away to start my new adventure towards becoming a commercial airline pilot.

I'm thoroughly enjoying training and the experiences I've had so far and I'd imagine my parents are too. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to step foot into the aviation industry, and now I am slowly climbing the ladder of what will be a remarkable career. It is still all a bit bizarre, for me and my family.

Cooking, cleaning and shopping. Three things I was certain I'd be good at when I moved out – it has definitely been interesting trying to balance each of these with revision! However, it seems to have worked out in the end as I've managed to get into a routine which has especially helped keep on top of these tasks and ensure I don't fall behind, besides it is all part of the fun and games of living away from home. Of all these areas I find food to be at the top of my priority list so it's never far off my agenda.


Developing new relationships is paramount and just because you've moved to a new environment this doesn't mean you are alone. Having spent quite a lot of time with my CP, both in and out of the classroom, we all seem to be bouncing off each other which ensures nobody gets left behind. These new friendships are so important, especially when it comes to training. The course is tough and making strong bonds with your fellow course mates can make learning a lot easier. Together, we can keep a level head and motivate one another towards our end goals of becoming Commercial Airline Pilots. Everyone has bad days, but having those around you who are always willing to help makes it a lot easier to succeed.

We are all destined to finish this journey together and as we pass through the different phases of training, we will no doubt grow closer as we continue to endeavor towards that end goal of the right-hand seat.


If you would like to read more on how my training is progressing with L3 Airline Academy, then please visit my Charlie the Pilot blog.


Charlie Barclay


*photographs courtesy of Charlie Barclay