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Blogger bios

Date: 7 August 2017

Meet our bloggers, all L3 Airline Academy cadets who provide regular updates on life as a trainee pilot.

George Botley

A.K.A. Pilot George is currently at flight school in New Zealand. After graduating from university George joined L3 Airline Academy in August 2016 on our Integrated ATPL course. Pilot George also talks about the lesser known aspects of Airline training – such as finance, insurance and buying cars. All vital stuff! Read his personal blog at https://www.pilotgeorge.co.uk/

Ryan Clyde

Ryan has successfully graduated from L3 Airline Academy on our Integrated ATPL course and taken to the skies as an Airbus pilot for one of our main partners: easyJet. You may recognize Ry from the ITV series "easyJet: Inside the Cockpit", which follows our cadets through their training to easyJet pilots. Read his personal blog at http://ryanclyde.com/

Sophie Truran

Currently only 3% of pilots are female – here at L3 Airline Academy it's 7% (but that's still not high enough!). Sophie is on our easyJet MPL course and is due to graduate in October 2017. Her feature on the ITV documentary "easyJet: Inside the Cockpit" has allowed her to become the role model for aspiring female pilots that she's always wanted to be.

Olly Sartain-Berry

Olly joined L3 Airline Academy in August 2016 as an Integrated ATPL trainee. Being 27 years old at the time, Olly made the decision to leave an established career in the Fire Service to embark upon his journey to become an Airline Pilot. Contributing cross-industry experience to his trainee peer group, Olly attended EASA ground school at our Coventry base and completed his flight training in the USA and UK. Olly has since secured employment as a First Officer at British Airways.

Zak Wheatley

Zak was determined to join us in November 2016, fresh out of college, on our Integrated ATPL course where he was based at Ground School in Coventry. Zak has now taken to the skies in New Zealand as a part of his cadet training.