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A Levels to Flight Levels - Conor Pauling

Date: 7 December 2018

As part of our series of ‘looking back’ blogs this December and with a base transfer to his home turf on the horizon, Conor reflects on his journey from beginning to present on his pilot journey

Ground School Thriving, Not Just Surviving - Sam Jones

Date: 4 December 2018

Hi I’m Sam, I’m currently in the core flying phase based out of Hamilton in New Zealand, and I’m coming towards the end of the VFR flying Phase, and am training on the Flybe MPL.

Brothers Alike - Chad & Scott Riendeau

Date: 29 November 2018

With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to focus on one of the most important things in life, family. We spoke with brothers Chad and Scott Riendeau, who have both gone through training with us at our Florida Airline Academy! Initially influenced by their father Wayne, the brothers have successfully followed their dreams of becoming pilots. Older brother Scott is currently a First Officer at Air Wisconsin and Chad is working as an instructor at L3 – building his hours so he too can join the airlines

Following in Grandfather's footsteps - Will Robson

Date: 27 November 2018

Since I was a child I have always looked up to my Grandfather. He has been my inspiration for every walk in life and I aspire to be like him.

Week 1 - Ali Lawrence

Date: 23 November 2018

Cadets have recently flown to Abu Dhabi to start their flight training, Ali Lawrence being one of the first. Hear about his first week adjusting to life over there.

L3 Airline Academy Cadet Voices - Alicia

Date: 21 November 2018

Following in others footsteps. L3 Cadet, Alicia, shares her inspirational story about where her dream achieveing her dream and gives advice to those who wish to join her.

Keeping it in the Family - Pete & Mat Stockwell

Date: 2 November 2018

As part of our ‘keeping it in the family’ month we caught up with our New Zealand Academy Director, Peter Stockwell and his son Mat, First Officer at Air New Zealand who had trained at the Academy a few years before Pete joined the team.

By the Numbers - Pablo Frias-Almonte

Date: 26 October 2018

Hello, I am Pablo, a 35 year old full time Flight Instructor at L3 in Sanford, and a part time Airman Trainee for Air Wisconsin. Here are a few significant numbers that detail my story to date:

A Fresh Start 11,427 miles from home - Harrison Gliddon

Date: 24 October 2018

Moving away from home for the first time can be one of the most exciting, yet terrifying time of anyone’s life, especially when you’re moving to the other side of the planet! I am a part of CPN21 who will be completing both the groundschool and, hopefully, foundation flying phases in Hamilton, New Zealand. This is undoubtedly going to be an extremely exciting and challenging 14 months.

L3 Airline Academy Cadet Voices - Charlotte

Date: 19 October 2018

Meet Charlotte, one of our ATPL cadets who discusses breaking the misconceptions around women pilots.

12 Degrees of ATPL Ground School - Lee Biswell

Date: 3 October 2018

Hello everybody, my name is Lee and I am one of the cadets in module 3 of ground school, at the Southampton training centre. I consider myself very lucky to be chasing a dream I’ve had for almost 20 years, going through a process which has resulted in not only learning a lot about this new, fascinating industry I am entering, but also about myself.

That's a wrap - Zak Wheatley

Date: 27 September 2018

Somehow, I have just completed my training. I’ve come to the end of a course that had been my childhood mission to follow, and even though the job hunt is next on the agenda, I can’t help but feel a massive sense of accomplishment.

My First Solo - Pedro Furnas

Date: 13 September 2018

Hi I’m Pedro, a cadet pilot at L3’s European Airline Academy in Portugal and I wanted to share one of the most special moments in my life - my first solo flight.

Flying vs Racing - Ryan Savage

Date: 4 September 2018

Can the skills learned in motor racing be applied to piloting?

Hello! My Name is Ryan Savage I am 21 years old and currently at Ground School in Coventry, where I have just finished my first set of EASA ATPL exams.

Work Experience – India Morrell

Date: 30 August 2018

Hi, my name is India and I am currently in college trying to decide on what career I should pursue after playing professional basketball and if I have the capabilities of becoming a pilot. I wanted to know more about what it would take to become a pilot, so I contacted L3 and was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to spend five days at their Airline Academy in Southampton.

Traditions at the Florida Academy

Date: 13 August 2018

Tradition is defined as an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior. In the case of our L3 Airline Academy, a tradition is an action in result of an event that each and every successful pilot participates in throughout their training.

Why L3?

Date: 9 August 2018

Hello, my name is Cody Helton and I’m 20 years old. I am currently a Flight Instructor / Check Instructor at the L3 Airline Academy in Sanford, Florida, and a former graduate of the Professional Pilot Program (PPP).

Week One – Ben Russell

Date: 2 August 2018

The first few days after starting at the Academy are, of course, some of the most unfamiliar during the course, so the team at L3 asked if I could look back in my diary to share my experience of the first week. Looking back on it now it seems like a lifetime ago - I’m now 10 months into the course and doing my Foundation Flight Training in the breath-taking surroundings of Hamilton, New Zealand.

Moving to the Front – Cristian Siperioni

Date: 26 July 2018

My name is Cristian Siperioni, I am 33 years old, Italian and I started pilot training in September 2016.

Keeping the Dream Alive – Olly Sartain-Berry

Date: 19 July 2018

My name is Olly Sartain-Berry and I started my pilot training with L3 in August 2016, at 27 years old.

A Balancing Act – Isabel Thompson

Date: 17 July 2018

My name is Isabel and I was raised on a tiny collection of islands in a paradise called Bermuda. Isolated by the Atlantic Ocean, we are roughly an hour and a half’s flight time from the nearest landmass. My interest in aviation was first sparked by a flight deck visit as a child, where I could finally ask all the silly questions that I had pestered my father with during the flight.

From TV to the Sky – Paulo Castro Cunha

Date: 10 July 2018

My name is Paulo Castro Cunha, I'm 42 years old. I was 32 when I started the ATPL Course in Cascais.

Turning Pilot – Diego Klaverweide

Date: 4 July 2018

My name is Diego, I started my PPL in 2014 and then decided to take the integrated ATPL route to the cockpit in 2018, at 32 years of age.

L3 Memories – Chris Harber

Date: 20 June 2018

Hi my name is Chris and I was a part of CP143 on the Integrated ATPL course. I completed training in August 2017 and graduated in December 2017. Currently, having passed my licence skills test I have just finished my Boeing 737-800NG Type Rating with Ryanair and am starting base training.

Rigour and Dedication – Brian Caple

Date: 5 June 2018

Hi, my name is Brian Caple and I am 26 years old. I graduated from the L3 Airline Academy in Sanford, Florida in 2016 and now I’m a Check Instructor.

Clear Prop – Olly Sartain-Berry

Date: 24 May 2018

Not long after we got our final ground school exam results, my course mates and I received our flight itineraries for the next part of our training, flight school. We were going to America, where we would experience our first taste of flight and put everything we had learnt in ground school to the test.

Bournemouth Bound – Zak Wheatley

Date: 13 May 2018

After returning home to the UK following my CPL skills test pass, I had a week at home to get over the jet lag and have time to refresh myself for the next phase of training. That week off was never going to feel long enough - as always! Nonetheless it was time to get myself on the way to another new location – this time it was Bournemouth, on the south coast of England. I have been housed pretty much in the middle of the New Forest, which has some nice scenic views and plenty of adorable wild horses.

The End Goal – Daniel Weston

Date: 25 April 2018

My name is Daniel Weston and I am currently an Airbus A320 First Officer for Spirit and a ground instructor at L3 Airline Academy in Florida. When I was a child I travelled a lot with my family, flying between Europe and the United States. At the time, prior to 9/11, I always wanted to go in the cockpit and meet the pilots. I remember being fascinated to see all the instruments and buttons and the view was incredible. I simply thought it was cool, and at that age never thought I could become a pilot...

Experience as a Flight Instructor – Catharina Sabelis

Date: 11 April 2018

My name is Catharina and I am a Flight Instructor at the L3 European Airline Academy. I chose to pursue this career because I love working in the air. My goal is to become a Commercial Airline Pilot, but becoming a Flight Instructor has provided me an amazing intermediate and valuable experience. It has helped me to continue to develop the skills needed to be a professional pilot to the greatest extent I can.

Flight to Oxford, or maybe not! – Daan van der Heijden

Date: 4 April 2018

After a couple of days off, I was due to fly last Wednesday. I was scheduled to depart at 09:00 in G-DOSC (a DA42) for a flight down to Oxford where I would practice a hold overhead a beacon followed by an approach into a missed approach. After leaving Oxford's airspace we would head back to Bournemouth for another approach to land. En route we would do some general handling (stall practice, steep turns, unusual attitude recoveries and basic instrument flying on a limited panel).

Cross Country – Alex Bradbury

Date: 15 March 2018

Throughout November, the weather hadn’t really been on my side. The overcast, windy days were making it impossible for me to complete my Qualifying Cross-Country Solo. However, when a clear calm day was finally upon us, I jumped at the chance! Waking up and seeing the bright blue sky, made me realize that this was finally a reality. I got down to Fairoaks and spent the morning planning my route and then carrying out all the pre-flight checks. Once the plane was fuelled up to over tabs, I decided it was only right to fuel myself as well… with bacon sandwiches from the café, of course!

Catarina's Story – Women of Aviation Week

Date: 11 March 2018

Hi, my name is Catarina and I am in training to become a pilot at L3’s Airline Academy in Portugal. I was always taught that you can be and do anything you want if you have the strength and courage to go further. Throughout your life you will find many obstacles to overcome, one of them being what you want to do with your life, as a career, as a job, as a human being, as a woman… I was no exception.

Sonia's Story – Women of Aviation Week

Date: 10 March 2018

My name is Sonia and I’m a Flight Safety Officer at L3 New Zealand Airline Academy. My inspiration to pursue a career as a professional pilot was my father. He was an air force pilot, so I have grown up in the world of aviation at an air force base.

Abi's Story – Women of Aviation Week

Date: 9 March 2018

My name is Abi, my journey began at L3 CTS and the aviation industry over twenty years ago.

Jacqui's Story – Women of Aviation Week

Date: 8 March 2018

My name is Jacqui Suren and my journey within the aviation industry began with the Royal Air Force, which I initially entered as an Intelligence Officer. However in 1989 the government made the decision to allow female military pilots, and I was selected as one of the two first women to begin RAF pilot training.

Alicia's Story – Women of Aviation Week

Date: 7 March 2018

My name is Alicia, and my inspiration to become a pilot was my mother - Captain Emilia Niovani.

Alora's Story – Women of Aviation Week

Date: 6 March 2018

My name is Alora Pond and I am now a Training Group Manager at L3 Florida Airline Academy.

Lisette's Story - Women of Aviation Week

Date: 5 March 2018

Hi, my name is Lisette and I am training to be a pilot at L3’s European Airline Academy and I am delighted to tell my story for Women of Aviation week.

One Year On – Ryan Clyde

Date: 15 February 2018

One of the questions I get asked most is if I still enjoy the job. Absolutely! As you’d expect, the 3.30AM alarms become a little harder but going to work is still incredibly enjoyable.

Taking Those First Steps - George Botley

Date: 29 January 2018

So, for as long as you can remember you've wanted to be a pilot, right?

From Solo to Dual - Zak Wheatley

Date: 15 December 2017

My first ever solo flight was one of the most exciting experiences of my life to date. That moment of sudden realisation that I, and I alone, was in complete control of an aircraft in the air was both terrifying and exhilarating.

The MPL Route - Stephanie Cowan

Date: 29 November 2017

The MPL is one of the newest routes of training to take if you're looking for a way to the right hand seat of a commercial airliner. Quite often a lot of people I fly with haven't heard of the MPL program or if they have heard of it, they aren't really sure what it involves.

New Beginnings – Charlie Barclay

Date: 24 November 2017

Pilot training is no mean feat. An entire set of new concepts to grasp whilst moving away to a new environment and on top of all that, forming new relationships with those I'm going to be spending a vast amount of time with throughout the duration of my training. For me, it was a big change!

Back to School – Olly Sartain Berry

Date: 2 November 2017

Prior to commencing ground school our home was bustling with activity and excitement. The once distant prospect of flight training was quickly becoming a reality and finalising all the various contracts marked the point of no return for my career change into aviation.

Moving Abroad – Ryan Clyde

Date: 2 November 2017

"Congratulations! We can confirm your base is Paris CDG!"...oh. It's not that I didn't want to be based abroad - in fact quite the opposite - but I didn't actually know which base I wanted!

Ground School 101 – Charlie Barclay

Date: 2 November 2017

"6 months, 750 classroom hours, 14 ATPL Exams and a hell of a lot of coffee."

First Time in the Cockpit – Stephanie Cowan

Date: 2 November 2017

Despite having been in the simulator cockpit for the Dash 8 Q400 for the last few weeks, there was still a sense of everything being slightly unfamiliar and new as we stepped – or rather stooped down, the flight deck of the Q400 is a bit of a challenge, even for all 5'4"of myself - into the "real" flight deck of the Dash.

Why I chose Pilot Training over University – Zak Wheatley

Date: 6 September 2017

"I could give my all to what I was passionate about from the start, as opposed to spending three years doing what I would feel was wasting time and money. I wouldn't ever change the decision that I made, and I'm glad that I stuck to my guns with it. "

Eyes Turned Skywards – Olly Sartain-Berry

Date: 5 September 2017

"With a one-year-old son and wife to provide for, the biggest hurdle to overcome was budgeting our family's household expenses for the time I'd be in training; resigning from the security of an established career would be, at best, a risky move."

Graduation – Ryan Clyde

Date: 30 August 2017

"If there's one thing you can count on, it's that L3 Airline Academy know how to throw a party!"

Life in the 3% – Sophie Truran

Date: 21 August 2017

L3 Airline Academy Cadet Sophie has been trailblazing across television screens as a star of ITV's 'easyJet: Inside the Cockpit'. You'll see her successfully navigate solo across the New Zealand landscape with only a map, and taking control in ultimate g-force for some intense aircraft recovery training at our Academy in Bournemouth, UK.

Five of the Best Things About Airline Flying – Ryan Clyde

Date: 17 August 2017

L3 Airline Academy trainee pilot Ryan Clyde - who features in ITV documentary 'easyJet: Inside the Cockpit' tells us his favourite things about flying.

A day in the life of an L3 Airline Academy cadet pilot – George Botley

Date: 10 August 2017

"Hopping in the aircraft, completing the start-up checks, run-ups, taxi and take off, there's nothing that I have experienced to date that comes remotely close to the feeling of flight. If all you've done to date is fly as an airline passenger, then you are almost certainly in for a treat!"

Blogger bios

Date: 7 August 2017

Meet our bloggers, all L3 Airline Academy cadets who provide regular updates on life as a trainee pilot.