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Information for sixth formers and college leavers

Information for sixth formers and college leavers

What do you want to do after your A Levels? Choosing the right path to take can feel daunting when there’s so many options to choose from. Here at L3 Airline Academy we are focused on the outcome of your training; seeing you obtain a dream career as an Airline Pilot.

What Airline Pilot training courses do you offer?
Our flagship Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) career program is open year round and typically lasts 18 months. You are not tied to any airline and will qualify with a ‘frozen’ ATPL, the minimum entry qualification to commence type rating and line training with your chosen airline.

We also offer MPL routes which are a collaboration between L3 Airline Academy and the airlines we work with such as easyJet. Taking an MPL route means you are tagged by the airline from the very beginning and your training will be tailored towards your eventual employment with that airline.


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Why would I choose pilot training over a university degree?
As a graduate of L3 Airline Academy, the main thing that will set you apart from a typical university graduate is the ability to walk (or fly!) straight into your dream career.  
Our career programs are designed to take you directly to the role of Co-Pilot earning roughly double the salary of an average UK graduate. With over 98% of our graduates now flying for commercial airlines, L3 Airline Academy is an investment in your future.


How does pilot training differ from university?
Very little. Both are incredibly hard work and a great deal of fun! Our campuses are friendly and sociable with a ‘family feel’ and cadets describe the camaraderie formed among themselves as a lifelong bond.

Can I get a university degree while training as a pilot?
Yes, there are a couple of options to integrate an industry endorsed degree with your pilot training, meaning you also get access to the UK government student loan system.
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How can I fund my pilot training?

While L3 cannot offer financial advice, we can provide information about the various options available to fund your pilot training. Visit our finance pages to find out more.

What is the application & selection process?
Ready to apply? We suggest you read our guide to application & selection so you are fully prepared for the process.

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