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How do I get to the flight deck?

Routes to the Flight Deck

How do I get to the flight deck?




Flight Instructor

As one of the world's leading approved training organizations, we're recognized by both aviation regulators and airlines globally for delivering airline standard training to aspiring commercial pilots. L3 Airline Academy offers a number of routes to the flight deck to become qualified – and employed – as a professional pilot.


Whichever route you feel is right for you, we're focused on securing you the the most important outcome – an exciting flying career.

Integrated Air Transport Pilots License (ATPL)

If you're an aspiring pilot with very little or no flying experience, looking for a fast-track route to the right-hand seat of a commercial jet, an Integrated Route could be for you.


These full-time training programs are designed to fully-equip aspiring Airline Pilots with the required pilots license and skills to transition seamlessly into commercial airline operations as a Co-Pilot.


You'll benefit from our unique Training Sponsorship which provides innovative funding, our Performance Protection promise and a commitment to launching your airline pilot career in the form of our dedicated and unrivaled graduate placement service.


You'll live, learn and fly on and near our campuses and will complete your training in approximately 18 months.

Integrated: Airline Programs

We work with airlines around the world, who trust us to select and train the highest caliber of newly-qualified pilot. In partnership, we are able to deliver incredible career opportunities to aspiring pilots with very little or no flying experience.


You'll benefit from our unique Training Sponsorship which provides innovative funding and our Performance Protection promise. Many airlines choose to enhance these benefits further for those who earn a place on their program, such as a conditional offer of employment before training begins.


Our Airline programs are delivered through either an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) or a Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL), depending on the Airline Partner's specification, designed to meet airline standard operating procedures (SOPs) and operational requirements.


Selected and trained to airline-specific standards from day one, you'll be flying as a Co-Pilot for a pre-determined airline within around 24 months.



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If you are considering training towards your Commercial Pilot's License on part-time, flexible basis then our Modular training programs will provide you with the highest-quality commercial pilot training to suit your own pace and previous flight experience.

Offering on-campus and distance-learning options, course durations vary from 3 to 70 weeks.

Flight Instructor

Train and work for us as a flight instructor at one of our training centers in the UK, USA or New Zealand with the option to progress to advanced training and become qualified for airline employment.

Add a degree

We work with a number of Universities around the world, allowing you to complete a degree alongside your training on an Integrated or Modular basis.