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A mission to diversify

We appreciate that raising the required funds for airline pilot training can be a hurdle; we are committed to ever-widening access to pilot training and a flying career for those who demonstrate the talent, passion and motivation.


We work with independent organizations and our Airline Partners to be able to offer innovative finance solutions and support.


Financing required for each program – and what's included – is detailed for each program in our Career Programs section.

Funding Solutions from L3 Commercial Training Solutions


Training sponsorship


Passing our challenging selection process for many of our programs unlocks our Training Sponsorship. This includes:



Training Security Bond Solution


Airline Placement Limited (APL), a subsidiary company of L3 CTS, provides Training Sponsorship for basic and intermediate phases, excluding the initial foundation element of the Basic phase.


L3 CTS Training Sponsorship represents a significant investment. To mitigate the risk to APL (the sponsor), you will be required to deposit a Training Security Bond of £69,000 which will be held by APL.


We provide a unique opportunity for your Training Security Bond to be repaid to you over a period of 7-9 years by participating airlines once you are fully employed by a partner airline.


Please note: The Training Security Bond is not payment for training.



Performance Protection


L3 CTS Performance Protection provides you with peace of mind throughout training – its our commitment to you that by passing our selection process, we believe you've got the 'right stuff' to make it as a commercial pilot, and we'll go the extra mile to get you there.


L3 CTS Performance Protection includes – and covers the cost of:


  • ALL additional training (if required)
  • ATPL ground examinations and flight skills tests (and any retesting), including aircraft and UK CAA fees
  • UK CAA regulatory fees (initial and any retests) for ground examinations and flight skills tests (CPL and IR)
  • REFUND of any monies deposited by you to secure your Training Sponsorship should we cease your training due to your skills falling below the minimum competence required for professional pilot license issue, less a deductible of £5,000


For full details of the programs, including Training Sponsporship, please visit our Career Programs section.



Professional and Career Development Loans


We are a Professional and Career Development Loans registered Learning Provider, registration number REG01-21644.


A Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial loan that you can use to help pay for work-related learning.


For further information on financial assistance to support your learning, please visit the
GOV.UK website or contact the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900.


This funding option could be available on the following programs:


• AIRBUS A319/A320/A321 (FT) – 8 weeks

Funding solutions from our Airline Partners

Many of our Airline Partners choose to provide benefits in our Airline Partner programs. This could include, for example, a conditional offer of employment before training begins or an offer to provide loan underwriting to cover some or all funding required. Any additional enhancements vary between airline and program. Full details are provided in each program featured in our Career Programs section.

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