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What to expect

What to expect

The following information is designed to give you an idea of what to expect if applying for an integrated program.


Selection events do vary from program to program to ensure we are assessing to specific airline requirements.


Full information will be provided to you based on the career program you apply for to ensure we provide a true expectation of the day.


You will be required to sit the full suite of aptitude testing designed by our partner Cut-e. These ability tests are again directly aligned and related to the key aptitude indicators required of a commercial airline pilot’s skill set. The test is comprised of 6 elements which include the 2 verifier assessments which were sat at the online stage. The whole technical test will take around 45mins to complete which includes briefing. The following are the elements that we will look to assess and will also generate a pass/fail result:

• Spatial Orientation
• Complex Control
• Reaction Speed
• Monitoring ability
• Multi-tasking Capability
• Applied Numeracy (with calculator)

For further information about our Cut-e assessments please visit the following link where you will have the opportunity to experience examples of aptitude tests. https://www.cut-e.com/online-assessment/free-assessments/

Non-Technical Skills

During the day you will be invited to complete a group activity exercise allowing you to demonstrate your interpersonal skills and qualities such as:


• Communication
• Team working
• Leadership
• Situation awareness
• Decision Making and Problem Solving


These exercises are designed to encourage discussion and debate from all team members and are often based around fictional scenarios. You will be required to read through relevant briefing information and adapt to changing goals. Remember to get involved; the assessors can only comment on what they see. Once all elements of the morning session are complete you will be able to take a lunch break – lunch is provided for you.


The interview is conducted on a one-to-one basis and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you are applying to an Airline Program, it is not unusual for an airline representative to also attend the interview phase. During the interview we are looking to get to know you better and understand some of your past experiences. This is a competency or evidence-based interview and you will be required to provide recent and relevant answers. The key areas of focus will be:


• Communication
• Motivation
• Commercial Awareness
• Leadership (potential)
• Team Work & Cooperation
• Problem solving & Decision Making
• Workload Management, Resilience & Standards

Further Airline Assessment

If applying to the Airline program, you may be required to complete a further assessment with the airline or our team may conduct this on behalf of the airline. This will vary depending on specific airline reqirements but could include further technical tests and interviews.


If you apply to the Airline program and you are invited to attend a selection event, full details of the process will be provided by our team.