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Application & Selection

Application & Selection

Application & Selection

Our graduates are considered to be among the best in the industry – it all begins with rigorous selection

For our full-time, integrated programs, aspiring pilots are required to pass an application and selection process.


For those completing a modular route of training, you are not required to pass a selection process before training; however you will be required to complete one at a later stage if you would like to be considered for advanced training and airline placement.


This process will vary depending on which program you apply to but will consist of online testing, group exercises and interviews. Each process is designed to assess the core competencies and skills required to become not just a trainee or even First Officer, but a future Captain and beyond.


Read on for advice on how to prepare for your airline pilot selection.

Why do you need to complete a selection process?

Our selection process for aspiring pilots is designed to give you an opportunity to showcase the breadth of your technical and non-technical skills. Through a series of tried and tested methods, the process provides our selection team with a clear, all-round picture of your abilities and potential to become an airline pilot.

Our standard

Our Integrated ATPL standard is non-competitive. This means you will be assessed against a required L3 or airline standard and not directly against others who are also participating in the testing that day. We set a challenging standard to ensure we provide the best possible newly qualified pilots to the Airlines we are working with.


Being well prepared for the assessment day and clear on what to expect will help you to relax, be yourself and do your best.

Ready to apply?

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Browse all airline pilot career programs now open for application in our Career Programs section, select the route for you, then complete and submit your online application using the links provided.