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An iconic career without equal

Become an Airline Pilot





Reasons to become a pilot


  • Nothing comes close to the exhilaration of airline flying and the views from what could possibly be the best office in the world.

  • No two days will be the same; you'll meet colleagues from all walks of life and fly hundreds of new customers each day.

  • Whether on regional, short-haul or long-haul flights, you'll experience new cities, landscapes and cultures throughout your career.

  • From Co-Pilot to Captain, training and management – the career path of an Airline Pilot offers a promising, lucrative and established professional trajectory.

How to become a pilot

Use this section to discover all you need to know about getting started, which routes you can take to becoming an Airline Pilot, how to apply and the finance and funding involved.


For more information, our Airline Pilot Careers Advice Team can be contacted via phone, email and our social media channels.



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What happens after training?

We're committed to securing your first Airline Pilot job

Visit our sections on Graduate Placement and Airline Relationships to discover how we can launch your career and find out whom you can work for – the airline recruiters who want to hire our graduates.

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