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Become a Flight Instructor

Become a Flight Instructor

Become a Flight Instructor



L3 Airline Academy is recruiting highly motivated Flight Instructors for our Sanford & Jacksonville locations. We are currently offering new hire bonuses and training credits on contract commitment and experience.


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Instructors at L3 Airline Academy have many opportunities for advancement along with an attractive pay structure and the many perks and incentives we offer. Due to our airline style training, Airline Transition program, and relationships with the Regional Airlines, L3 Instructors are highly successful.


Sanford Location


As an L3 Flight Instructor you'll utilize the same style manuals, procedures, and standards found in all of the regional airlines. L3 provides Part 141 and 61 training from Private through ATP in C-172, SR-20, PA-44, and PA-28R.


Jacksonville Location


Working with Jacksonville University, L3 Airline Academy has been training some of the industry's best pilots since 1996. Our Jacksonville flight school produces first officer candidates for the industry's most successful regional airlines, who fly the most sophisticated jet aircraft.