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Airline Preparation

Airline Preparation

We go beyond screening and sifting CVs.

Our graduate placement team is as committed to facilitating the best placement opportunities for you and ensuring you are fully prepared for airline selection, as our training team is to ensuring you have the skills for success.

Your training is underpinned by a series of Airline Preparation Days (APD) and modules, designed to develop and enhance your professional and personal development alongside your airline-focused training.

Throughout your intermediate training, your airline instructors integrate personal development exercises to fully prepare you for the airline environment.

While you await opportunities in our Airline Placement Pool or database, we run a further Airline Preparation Day that ties your training together and provides expert guidance from our graduate placement team on how to present your CV and prepare for airline selection.

"From the airline preparation days throughout the course to advice on writing CVs and cover letters, the help I've received to find my first airline job has been first rate. I'm now getting to do my dream job and fly all across Europe for Europe's leading regional airline."

Matt B. - First Officer, Flybe