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Slingsby Firefly - 2 in Fleet

The Firefly, made in glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) by Slingsby Aviation in Yorkshire, is a single piston-engined aircraft with a 260 hp Textron-Lycoming engine, which drives a three-blade, constant-speed composite propeller. The Firefly is fitted with side-by-side dual controls, a fixed windscreen and a backward-tilting canopy incorporating direct ventilation windows and fresh-air scoops.


Whilst we use it for Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT), its instrumentation and communications equipment also allow it to be flown along airways and the aircraft is cleared for instrument flying and night flying.


The aircraft is fully aerobatic and can easily maintain height during an aerobatic sequence. The aircraft also has fuel and oil systems capable of sustaining inverted flight.



Crew – 1 pilot

Capacity – 2 (1 passenger)

Length – 24 ft. 9 in. (7.478 m)

Wingspan – 35 ft. 2 in. (10.719 m)

Height – 7 ft. 6 in. (2.290 m)

Empty weight – 794 kg

Maximum take-off weight – 1,157 kg

Engine – 1 Textron Lycoming AEIO-540-D 6-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine, 260 hp (194 kW)



Cruise speed – 140 kts (161 mph)

Clean stall speed – 62 kts (71 mph)

Never exceed speed – 195 kts (224 mph)

Range – 407 nm

Max altitude – 19,000 ft.