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Diamond DA20 Katana – 14 in Fleet

Diamond DA20 Katana – 14 in Fleet

The DA20 is an excellent training aircraft for new pilots. This aircraft features a responsive center-stick control that provides exemplary handling. Visibility and safety are enhanced with a wrap-around canopy that affords great referencing to the natural horizon to develop fundamental flying techniques. The DA20 is environmentally friendly with a 20 lt/hr fuel burn, its performance is impressive with 1000 fpm climb rate and 120 kt cruise. This aircraft strikes the right balance in providing the trainee with a responsive feel and the performance to match.



Crew – 1 pilot

Capacity – 2

Length – 23 ft. 9 in. (7.24 m)

Wingspan – 35 ft. 9 in (10.89 m)

Height – 7 ft. 1 in. (2.16 m)

Empty weight – 523 kg

Max takeoff weight – 800 kg

Engine – 1 Continental 4-cylinder IO-240-B, producing 125 hp



Never exceed speed – 164 kts

Cruise speed – we use 105 KIAS

Clean stall speed – 44 kts

Range – 1013 km (544 nm)

Max altitude – 13,120 ft.

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