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Cirrus SR20 – 28 in fleet

Cirrus SR20 – 28 in fleet

The Cirrus SR20 is a state-of-the-art, technically advanced aircraft primarily constructed of composite materials for aerodynamic efficiency that seats four people.

The SR20 is FAA certified for day, night, VFR, and IFR flights. One of the major advantages of the SR20 is that it has a fully digital avionics suite (or all glass cockpit) with the following features.


Features Include:

• Avidyne Flight Max Entegra Primary Flight Display (PFD)
• Multi-Function Display (MFD)
• Dual Garmin 430 GPS
• S-TEC 55X Auto Pilot

The SR20 is equipped with the Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS) Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System, a large parachute which can be deployed in an emergency to lower the entire aircraft to the ground safely.


L3 Airline Academy currently has 28 Cirrus SR20s in operation.