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Route Plan

Route Plan

The following route plan provides a detailed example of the training footprint you can expect to undergo for the MPL in partnership with Flybe.


Basic Training


Theoretical knowledge training – Classroom and computer-based, UK or NZ
Approximately 26 weeks


Aircraft flight training – Single-engine piston aircraft, NZ and UK
The Core flying phase of the MPL syllabus is designed from the outset to build the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSAs) that are the cornerstones of an airline safety culture and differentiate it from traditional single pilot flight training offered on other courses. Training is airline-focused and competency-based from day one. Flying the EFIS C172/DA42, you'll learn the fundamentals of visual flying, basic and procedural instrument flying and night flying, and conduct Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) on a high performance piston engine aircraft.
Approximately 22 weeks


Multi-pilot flight training – B737-700/300 FTD simulator, UK
Experiencing a multi-pilot environment for the first time, we introduce you to jet operations for your instrument flight training using Flybe's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). An Initial Crew Resource Management (CRM) course covers Threat and Error Management training (TEM) and your Basic phase concludes with Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).
Approximately 11 weeks


Intermediate Training


Intermediate Multi-pilot training – Jet simulator, UK
This phase will develop your advanced handling skills on jet simulators using a version of Flybe SOPs. LOFT covers more complex scenarios, TEM training is further developed and you will complete the intermediate phase with advanced UPRT.
Approximately 7 weeks

Advanced Training


Airline type specific training – Dash-8 Q400 aircraft with Flybe, UK
The Advanced phase in MPL is akin to Type Rating training. You will now move onto the Dash-8 Q400 and, using Flybe's full airline SOPs, you will learn to handle more complex system failures and emergencies in readiness for your License Skills Test (LST).
Approximately 8 weeks


Flybe line training – Line Flying UK and Europe with Flybe
Line Oriented Experience (LOE) and Line Check. You will also complete Safety, Emergency and Procedures training (SEP) Employment as a Dash-8 Q400 co-pilot with Flybe.
Approximately 10 weeks

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